Helpful Grass-Fed Beef Information

Each Steer averages a live weight of 1,150 lbs. Take home meat weight is approx. 50% of the live weight.

HANGING WEIGHT:  A Typical steer will produce a 700 lb. hanging weight carcass.

-320-350 lbs for a half side

-150-180 lbs for a quarter side

TAKE HOME:  The dressed beef (or carcass) will yield approximately 569 lbs (including 27 lbs of variety meat: liver, heart, tongue, tripe, sweetbreads and brains) and 146 lbs of fat, bone and loss

-284 lbs for a half side

-142 lbs for a quarter side

Beef Cut Yield Per Steer Based on 569 lbs. take home meat

Chuck - 209.5 lbs total or 29%

Round - 155.8 lbs. total or 22%

Thin Cuts - 134.6 lbs. total or 19%

Short Loin - 115.7 lbs. total or 16%

Rib - 66.6 lbs. total or 9%

Miscellaneous - 32.7 lbs. or 5%

Island Grass-Fed Beef FAQs

Who cuts and packages the beef? 

The cattle are slaughtered on the farm or ranch, then are moved by mobile unit to a meat processing plant in Bow, WA to hang for two weeks. It is cut and wrapped and frozen.  

How would I receive local beef?

It is vacuum packed and frozen and located at the Island Grown Farmers Co-op in Bow, WA for pick-up or may be located at your producers farm or ranch.

How long is the meat aged?

The carcass is aged 2-3 weeks in Bow, WA at the Island Grown Farmers Cooperative.

How much is cut and wrap?

It is included in the price per pound.

What  volume to expect?

Is your freezer space is large enough to handle a bulk order?

A quarter is 150-170 lbs and it is frozen. It includes 1-2 lbs of ground, 2-3 lb roasts and 2 steaks per package.  Often folks will have a large chest freezer to handle bulk orders.

To Buy Local Grass-Fed Beef Contact:

Jones Family Farm, Lopez Island   360.468.0533
Bonnie Brook Farm, Orcas Island  360.376.4065
Coffelt Farm, Orcas Island               360.376.4357